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The Happy Guide
A Mind and Body Practice for Healthy Living

A Place for Healing and Wellness through Therapy, Coaching and Physical Improvement. 


Our vision is to  inspire healthy living and to teach a lifestyle for the attainment of joy, health, and longevity.

We serve as a beacon of light in the world of self-transformation through  therapy, coaching, mindfulness, meditation and Pilates. 

The Happy Guide is a private practice in New York City that serves individuals who want to overcome health problems by focusing on prevention and embracing a healthy life style.

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The happy guide  idea was born to guide clients on various paths of theirs lives from  recovery to healing through therapy, from finding clarity and  fulfilling their goals and dreams through coaching, using Pilates to  gain flexibility and maintain  a healthy body, and mindfulness to be  fully present and grounded.

I  created The Happy Guide as a wellness hub - a safe space for  expression, creativity, inspiration and empowerment. Through my mind and  body practice I want to elevate my clients to live healthier lives  without shame, guilt or fear and to be happy.

I offer 101 sessions and different classes and workshops in the community.


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I collaborate with doctors, therapists, nutritionists, Pilates and yoga instructors and trainers. If you want to partner with us please send a note.

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We Believe That...

The quality of life is found in meaning.  

Everybody deserves to be happy and to live life with passion and intention. 

To lead an authentic life, any setbacks and failures need to be integrated in your life narrative.  

Challenges that you face can make you stronger. 

Emotions are the fuel of life. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your emotions.

Life is constant change and one must adapt--One must grow continuously. 

Responsibility, forgiveness and reparation are essential to maintaining peace within family, friends and community. 




4-Month Wellness Coaching for a healthier version of yourself. Challenge yourself to self-love and self -care. I will guide and empower you through this 4-month program to find creativity and inspiration to make healthy choices in your daily routine. Please note this is not a bikini challenge. This program is for real people who want to find their real self and want to improve in all aspects of their life.

PROMOTION – First 4 months FREE coaching (when buying a wholefood package). 

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Mindful Pilates stretching meets an hour a day and make a great addition to your lifestyle. 

Meeting downtown on Trinity church as a group of maximum 10 people.

or individually by request.

Please bring your own mat, bottle of water, stretching attire. 

If you come for the first time please come 5 minutes earlier to sign in.


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