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MUM and BUB Ongoing Program

 How incredible is this!  In order to inspire healthy living around the world and in collaboration with The Health Style Emporium we are seriously going above and beyond to reach as many families as possible.
For every adult who purchases any of our packages - your children get the fruit and vegetable wholefood packs for FREE!. There are currently over 1 million children around the world receiving this right now, meaning over 1 million kiddies around the world eating 30 varieties of fruit and veggies... every single day!  
Healthy mum and bubs all around! 

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Core Pilates for Busy Professionals

When the core is strong, alignment and posture improve, relieving stress on the joints and muscles. This is one of the reasons Pilates is often recommended for people who sit long hours at the desk or during commute. You will feel increased flexibility, muscle tone, and balance only after a few sessions.

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NOURISH Your Mind & Body vs Sugar Cravings?

Do you love the taste of something sweet? Are you constantly wanting more? I often talk to people who say they have a “sugar problem,” but they just “can’t” give up sugar. Sugar is truly addictive, and it takes a lot of work to break the cycle. 

Once you understand what’s causing your addiction, you can work to achieve the food freedom.

1. Magnesium Deficiency

2. Gut Imbalance

3. Poor Sleep

4. Stress

5. Too Many Artificial Sweeteners

6. Low-Fat/Fat-Free Foods

7. Eating too Many “Natural” Foods with Added Sugars


This workshop will include mindfulness, movement and psycho-education about nutrition that will help you reflect and refocus your energies and realign and move your body into health.



EAT HEALTHY, THINK HEALTHIER , Introduce healthy habits to create a HEALTHIER VERSION OF YOURSELF.   An on going program in collaboration with the Health Style Emporium and Channi

Show up for yourself and create the space for self - care. This program is not a bikini challenge. This program is for real people who want to improve in all aspects of their life.

PROMOTION – First 4 months FREE coaching when buying a wholefood package. 

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Pilates Specialty 101

Safe and supportive programs are improving the quality of life for people suffering from different illnesses and conditions. 

Pilates exercises accompanying treatment for cancer is gaining acceptance in the fitness community reintroducing movement at any stage of recovery. 

People with back pain, previously herniated disks and shoulder injuries, hip replacement, knee reconstruction benefit greatly from Pilates exercises. 

Another special population is people suffering from osteoporosis who benefit from Pilates strength training. 

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