One Self-Care Event Can Change Your Life



Developing a Pilates routine.

Develop a Mindful Pilates routine. 

Pilates exercises can challenge men and women on different fitness and health level, but Pilates is most known about building a strong core.  Pilates  himself created the apparatuses with a frame to provide symmetry in the  body and help improve alignment. Even people with injuries can do  workouts to gain back the symmetry, alignment and confidence. 

Private classes are  designed for all levels from beginners as well as very advanced. If you  are curious and want to try or you want to take your practice to the  next level we have the right challenge for you. 

The studio is equipped with a reformer/cadillac,  barrel, wunda chair – all included in your 55 minutes workout.  The studio has a full shower. 

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Please note there are no refunds, but we  work  with you to  reschedule with a 48 hours advance notice according to the space  available in the studio.