Should I Work with a Therapist or a Coach?


It might help to imagine yourself getting ready to climb a mountain. You could either hire an expert sherpa / guide for your expedition or a doctor. Which should you choose?

If you are physically unwell, or in danger if you even attempted the climb, a sherpa / guide wouldn’t do you any good. You need to be at a baseline level of good health before you can make the climb at all, so if you’re not, you need to see the doctor before trying something that challenging. 

However, if you’re healthy and just need someone to help you with a climbing strategy, carrying the load of supplies and finding the best path, the sherpa / guide is the best choice.

What is Life Coaching?


Coaching is unique in that the agenda is personalized to the client and what’s important and meaningful to the client.

Coaching is an evidence-based practice with interventions informed by valid research; it is a process-driven and outcome-focused approach. It is designed to provide you with leading-edge skills, models, and practical resources.


Take on big challenges.

Pushing yourself to take on challenges that you think sound impossible is a critical component for success. We learn the most  and grow the most in challenging situations that stretch us beyond what we think our limits are. Often, it’s our own mindset that limits us.  The big challenges and goals create energy, passion and interest for you, but also for those around you.

What Does the Coach Do?



A coach will guide you to move from where you are to where you want to be, and does so by solely focusing on your goals and vision. If you are not clear on your vision, then every single opportunity will distract you and obscure your progress. If you don't have a goal or something to move forward the past will pull you back and the distractions will push you aside.  The coach will help you gain clarity on what you want to focus. Being clear about what doesn’t interest you, what doesn’t align with your core values & business, and what you are not good at can help you see the path ahead clearly.

After all, you’ll never really know what you’re capable of until there’s someone to push you outside of your comfort zone.


What is a Chemistry Session?

A chemistry session is a free 30 minute phone conversation discussing your reasons, background and what you want to achieve. Your goals. We learn about you  and you learn about us and our approach.

How long is a session?

Each session is 50 minute long.  Session can be done online or in person if you live in Manhattan or Hoboken area.   

After the free chemistry session we will send you some forms to fill out in advance. With this information we’ll discuss and set realistic goals to put together an action plan to move forward. 

How long do I need to continue?

 Each person is unique and duration of service depends on the scope and complexity of the issues addressed. Some people may meet their goals faster, others prefer to take their time and have longer support.

Are you going to tell me what to do?

NO. We offer our support and  guidance to help you explore the best course of action. You are the one who makes the decisions, but we will ask questions and challenge you from time to time.      


The last session is a summary and an evaluation. You will also decide if you need to continue and tackle other issues or schedule a booster session in 1 - 3 months.      


Payment is done cash, checks or credit cards in advance or at the time of the service. 

Payment plans can be arranged during the chemistry session.

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